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BASIC-Ph is a stress coping multiplex model developed by Israeli psychologist Dr. Moorie Lahad. Dr. Lahad developed this model not by focusing on the pathology of why people failed, but by the resilience of how people got over it and how they got over it.

When faced with difficulties in daily life, people survive the situation by making full use of coping methods that can be divided into six fields. The six areas are belief (B), emotion (A), society (S), imagination (I), cognition (C), and body (Ph). People solve daily problems by combining these coping styles.

And these six coping methods also appear in communication. People tend to engage with others and the world using their favorite coping strategies. Therefore, first of all, knowing your favorite coping style will help you to know your own communication habits. After understanding your own habits, you can further analyze the coping style of the other party, and you will be able to communicate more smoothly.

In addition, these six coping styles allow you to assess individual coping tendencies as well as group and community coping tendencies. Therefore, it can also be used for coaching and crisis intervention in the workplace and in the community.

We believe that knowing the six coping styles will enrich our lives and enrich our lives.

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